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Precision Arms of Tennessee is passionate about producing high-quality, custom-built bolt action rifles for competition, hunting,
law enforcement, and more. 

As an employee-owned and managed company, superior craftsmanship and ultimate customer satisfaction aren’t just business goals, they’re the personal mission of each
Precision Arms of Tennessee team member.


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Precision Arms of Tennessee is passionate about producing the highest-quality custom bolt action rifles on the market.

In order for an accurate, beautiful, reliable bolt action rifle to ‘live’ long enough to become a family heirloom, every one of its components must be of the highest quality available. Combining these quality components by hand must be done by a skilled craftsman, ideally someone who takes pride in creating a rifle that is stunning in appearance with undeniable precision and confirmed reliability. Finding this combination of exceptional quality and uncompromising service at a competitive price is rare, indeed.

At Precision Arms of Tennessee, our custom bolt action rifles begin with a GRS fully-adjustable stock with a 6° tilted palm-rest. This design provides balance which facilitates the kind of trigger control required for optimum accuracy. We combine our stocks with top-of-the-line Krieger or Hart barrels, Stiller or Borden actions, and wrap them all up with a precision Jewell or Timney trigger. Once completed, our clients enjoy a masterpiece of accuracy and beauty that few people have the opportunity to own and enjoy.

Whether you are stalking game, pitting your skills against other gun enthusiasts, or protecting citizens both at home and abroad, a Precision Arms of Tennessee custom-designed bolt action rifle is the right choice for the job. We understand that you have many choices in custom rifles. If you require accuracy, consistency, beauty and exceptional craftsmanship in your bolt action rifle, we want the opportunity to exceed your expectations.

Let us show you the Precision Arms of Tennessee difference. 





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